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Maria M.

Hong Kong, China

A wonderful experience!

When I signed this tour, I was hesitating since both my son (10 yo) and hubby not an outdoor type of person. I was pleasantly surprised both of them enjoyed the tour so much. My son did not complain even though he had to walk for 6 hours straight. He so captivated by our tour guide, Tony, with his edu-story-telling. It was really a wonderful experience for us.


Monica M.

Honolulu, Hawaii

This was FANTASTIC - well worth the time and money!  We can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed and learned from this tour. Our guide Tony was so knowledgeable, personal, and really customized our tour to what we wanted to experience. He knew so much about the city and its history, and at the end of the day we felt really at home. If you’re interested in getting rich background in order to fully enjoy this spectacular city, this is the tour company to use! I know, this sounds like an ad ... but it’s really true.


Lesley A.

Toronto, Canada

A great way to see the city!

We booked this tour based on the reviews here and Tony showed up right on time to take us on the tour. He met us at our B&B in the upper west side and asked us what we wanted to see. We told him  whatever he thought we should see.  We went to see SoHo, NoHo, TriBeCa, Rockefeller, the ferry area, Wall street and lots more. He taught us how to master the subways, tons of history and because he is in the acting industry - we got lots of great info on all the movies and shows filmed in NYC. Tony was great - bought us little treats in different stores, coffee etc. We in turn treated him to lunch down by the water.


This was a fun and informative way to see the city!


Clare B.

Sydney, Australia

Best introduction to New York!  We booked the tour for our first day in New York - with the idea that it’d give us an overview of the city we could follow up in the remaining days. Very well worthwhile - our guide Tony did exactly that taking us all around, walking, on the subway on buses as well as the ferry. Could not have been better. Also great to spend the time with a true New Yorker.


Jordan B.

Christchurch New Zealand

If you want the best exposure to NYC. This is it! We booked this tour online and received immediate reply and confirmation.

Met our Guide,Tony, in Greenwich Village and walked for the next 5 hours seeing the best of downtown Manhattan. Visited all the top spots with the most knowledgeable and affable fellow we met in NYC. Tony is a genuine New Yorker who loves people, his city and his job.


The highlight of our day (and probably our trip) was dinner with Tony and his family on Staten Island. A real NY experience.


Our tour was really great value for money and a memorable experience. Wear comfortable shoes and have plenty of fluids because you will do a lot of walking.


Well done, Tony, and thanks again for a fantastic day.


Neal G.


Absolutely great!  Did the 6 hour private tour with Tony Lorenzo. He met us promptly at 10:00 am and somehow I just knew we would get along great. He had a done a ton of acting over his 57 years in NYC and he shared lots of stories and snippets of his experiences with various stars and locations. He was extremely knowledgeable about the city and had his opinions about many facees of why and how NY is the city it is today.


For me personally it was most interesting spending 6 hours with a seasoned New Yorker getting their vibe about the the city and what it is like pre and post 9-11. For instance, when we were walking about Wall Street there were two fellows (NYPD) with Automatic weapons standing guard outside the Stock Exchange, fully dressed in flack gear and looking very intimidating. Tony went up to them and starting chit chatting and we all had a great, short BS session.

In my opinion, we got to see the city like we would never have otherwise and it was great and well worth money spent. But be warned, it is a lot of walking and it was 90F(32C) and I probably wouldn’t do this length of tour if you not in good shape, but that being the only negative to it!


Patricia R.


“This tour made our trip!”

Had a wonderful tour with Tony on our first day in NYC to see our daughter march in the Macy’s Parade. He seemed to know everything about the area we toured (lower downtown), and it was the best day of our week there. We did a private tour with our 8 family members ranging from 17 to 76, all thoroughly enjoyed it (although my 76 year old dad was very sore the next day from all the walking!). Highly recommend. By all means though, wear comfy shoes and do some walking before your trip!


Mark N.

Coconut Creek, Florida

We can’t speak highly enough about the very positive experience we had with Tony. We appreciated the quick response to our last minute email inquiry, his flexibility in helping us get our tour scheduled, and their patience in accommodating an email address change in the middle of it all. WOW! Thank you – your business is a model for how clients should be treated.


My wife, my 23 year old daughter, and my 77 year old mother and I took the private tour with Tony Lorenzo on a Friday. Tony met us at our hotel, the Embassy Suites located at North End and Vesey Streets, across from the Irish Hunger Memorial. It was really cold (but dry) that day so we layered up and – as is absolutely required – wore comfortable walking shoes.


We are not “newbies” to New York City – in fact, it’s kind of traditional that every year or two we make a weekend trip in November or December – to eat great pizza, catch a show or two, do some shopping, and to generally support the local economy there since 9/11. We are confident subway riders and really like to walk – this affords us opportunities to experience small, out of the way places others might miss. We were excited about the reviews and were hoping that we might discover some things we hadn’t seen or known about. We were not disappointed.


Having Tony as our guide was much like having an uncle or cousin who has lived all his life in the city, knows it like the back of his hand, and who proudly wants to share it with his visiting (Florida) family. We were instantly comfortable with him and collectively agreed (post tour) that his strengths are his warmth and friendliness, his incredible knowledge of the city he loves, and his special ability to relate personally to each member of our group. We highly recommend him.


Our tour started in Central Park (after a subway ride from Chambers Street), where we learned a lot we didn’t know about this great open space in the middle of metropolis. We spent a lot of time there. The next major stop (after another subway ride) was Greenwich Village. We had never really been through this part of town, but found it so charming – Tony really provided a lot of its history – we will certainly return in the future to explore some more. Our afternoon included a short bus ride to Little Italy and Chinatown, and we stopped for lunch at a small Chinese restaurant Tony recommended. The restaurant was very reasonably priced and food was fantastic. We next walked through City Hall Park, down Broadway, visited some of the churches along Church Street, and finished on Wall Street near the NYSE. We moved at a leisurely pace and Tony’s patience was incredible – we were never rushed. We had a blast and learned so much. I got a lot of great pictures along the way, many shots suggested by Tony.


Do this thing – you won’t regret it




Abilene, TX

“Best day of our trip was Tony!”


My husband and planned a private walking tour with Tony for our first full day in NY. It was wonderful. They had asked in the email what interested us, and then I can only assume they used that information to match us with the perfect tour guide. Tony was great! We walked about 10 miles all over Manhatten in those six hours, but wouldn’t trade the experience. It set the stage for the rest of our trip (which was the plan). We learned so much about the city that we never would have known otherwise, but were still able to set the tone and pace of the tour. We absolutely adored our guide, Tony. He was really the best! We feel we made a friend in NY during the tour...so thanks a million for that! You really made the trip memorable for us.



Andy B

Ocala, Florida

“GRRREAT!!! New York Tour with Tony!”

Our family of 6 had an experience of a lifetime with our amazing tour guide, Tony Lorenzo. The things he showed us and the lessons he taught us made New York City come alive from the beginning to the end. Our ages range from 13 – 75 and he spoke to each of us on our own interest levels, showing us things we never dreamed of seeing in a one day tour. It seemed like whatever we hoped to do, Tony made it possible, even against all odds, including an unexpected knee injury that occurred while we were on the trip. He accommodated that circumstance with kindness and patience and made sure we didn’t have to miss the things we wanted to do and see. The way he gave the history of New York just brought it all to life and told the stories and secrets in a way we all understood and enjoyed so much. Because of Tony we were able to experience many things that we didn’t think would fit into our plans. It was a truly wonderful tour and Tony gets an “over-the-top” of the charts rating from each of us. In Tony’s words, “This tour was one for the books”! We had a wonderful time and we’ll tell everyone we know who to ask for if they go to NYC and want a fantastic tour…Tony, of course!


Susan S.

Barrington, Illinois

“Ultimate best way to visit NYC! No other tour compares!”

We visited in October and only had a 24 hour visit to a city that has a lot to offer. We had a private half day tour with Tony Lorenzo~ What a guy...full of personality, enthusiastic and very, very knowledgeable. He wanted our time together to be perfect and asked questions right away about what we wanted out of our tour. He connected with all 3 of our teenagers (we had our foreign exchange student from Italy with us, our daughter who is a freshman and our son who is a senior). We saw so much, way more than we could have on our own or with a bus tour. When in Little Italy, Mulberry St., we ate like the Italians do in a “special” spot with “special” Italian desserts -Tony knew just where to get them! The tour was so personal and so interesting. Never rushed. We saw everything we wanted to see and more! He felt like a friend of the family. Our kids told us it was the best way to see NYC and they want to do another tour upon our return to New York! I would highly recommend Tony Lorenzo, especially if you are Italian or are interested in movies, tv, and acting. I have never written a review in my life, but felt I needed to this time because this tour is sooo good and sooo worth it! Check it out, you won’t regret it!


Ashley G.

Virginia Beach, VA

Best way to see NYC! Even though we took our tour on a 40 degree day we loved every minute of it. Tony was great! He is very knowledgeable and so interesting to talk to. We would recommend this tour to anybody who doesn’t have mobility issues. What a great way to see the city. He taught us how to navigate the subway and bus system so we were able to use it for the rest of our trip. He taught us so much history about the buildings and parks and people of NYC. This tour was definitely worth every penny.


John R.

Sebring, Florida

“Tour was great for the whole family.”

My wife and I, along with our 3 kids,ages7, 11, and 14, took a private tour on Nov. 23. Our guide was Tony Lorenzo. Tony is a very nice man who is very knowledgeable about his native city. We started in Central Park and learned about it’s history. We also visited Greenwich Village, Ground Zero and rode the ferry to Staten Island. The views were fantastic from the ferry, and we had a great meal at an Italian restaurant on Staten Island.


I would highly recommend taking this tour at the beginning of your stay in New York. This way you get comfortable using the subway and get a general overview of Manhattan. Then you can go back on your own to the places where you would like to spend more time. Tony is great and the tour is great for people of any age.


Theo R.

Marlborough, United Kingdom

“Awesome!! By far the best way to see the real New York!!”

My wife and I went to New York for our anniversary, and it also happened to be the Thanksgiving Weekend. I decided to book a tour of Downtown because I wanted to get more of a feel for the City and its people, rather than the usual tourist stuff. The booking process was smooth, courteous and efficient. On the day, we met with Tony in Downtown NY on a beautiful clear sunny autumn morning. I must say, with these sorts of things you’re never sure what to expect, but we needn’t have worried, as Tony was brilliant!!! A real gent, with a huge knowledge of the area, we walk around Downtown at a steady pace. Not rushed at all, and Tony described each sight and important building with the knowledge and passion only a local New Yorker could possess. Music, films, history and architecture were all covered. The sights, sounds and smells or the Downtown areas, complemented by Tony’s running commentary all served to make this a most memorable experience. It was a real treat, and Tony also made sure we had lunch at one of the best Pizza restaurants in town too!


If you’ve only a few days in New York, then a New York Tour with Tony WILL be the highlight of your visit, I guarantee it!!


Hector G.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Four of us toured lower Manhattan with Tony while we were in New York October 22. I have always researched Travel Advisor to find the best things to do when traveling, but this had to be the best “thing to do” that I have found on the site.


Tony was gracious with his time and knowledge - we moved at our own pace and even had time to stop for a drink at the Mulberry Street bar as he filled us in on the rich history of Little Italy (just one of SEVERAL stops). Like much of my group’s first time New York experience, we were blown away with the city and the people. Tony did a fantastic job not only with the history of the city, but was well versed in the TV and film industry locations throughout lower Manhattan. Only complaint was that the day went WAY too fast!


We had tickets to SNL and this tour rated right up there with it as the most fun thing we did on our four day trip. Thanks Tony!


Michael B.

New York

“Great Fun and Informative too”

We had a great time on our tour of NYC with Tony.  Have been to the city year and after year but never really stopped to see all the history of it. Really made me appreciate it more. Tony was friendly, informative and fun. Felt like we were just hanging out with a friend!



Cleveland, Ohio

“Fantastic-For those who know nothing or something about NYC”

We just visited NYC and had 4 in our group. Two adults and two teenagers. Two of us had visited NYC before and two had not. Our guide was Tony Lorenzo, an actor and native of the city. He was FANTASTIC!!!!!! We chose to pick the tour with just the four of us. We were staying in Midtown and wanted to do the downtown areas. We purchased our Metro cards prior to his arrival. He met us at our hotel and we jumped on a subway. For all of us our first subway ride which can be a bit intimidating. We went to Greenwich Village, Battery Park, The Financial District, Ground Zero, and Chinatown. He was so entertaining , knowledgeable and interesting. Tony goes at your speed and can customize to your needs.


I just can’t say enough about this wonderful way to see the city. The tour was 3 hours and he even found us a place during our tour that they sold discount tickets to Broadway shows that didn’t mean you were standing in line for hours. We had 7 people in front of us and paid $60 a ticket for the 7th row. FABULOUS!!!

We picked up dinner in Chinatown (of course a place he suggested) and he escorted us back to our hotel so we could eat and make the show.

When I go back I will do this again and again!!!



John & Julie M.

Tony made my brother feel like he was a famous person or a person of great importance (which he is to me) and he did it with a genuine caring and patience.  His attention and care for Bob was nothing short of saintly. (I know, hard to believe about Tony).  It all started with Tony bringing Bob a NY Yankee hat (the real deal, not a knock off) as a welcome gift.  He treated Bob (and me) more like a friend than a business deal.  I know he is an actor; but this was the real deal or he deserves a Tony.


The following day, we had the good fortune of meeting his two person tourists from the UK, Charlie and Simon, day as we met with them for a late lunch....Tony's offer....with no strings attached.  I know that they feel the same connection because they got the real flavor of NY, a local Italian, with all the marvelous NY Italian attitude, a great understanding of NY history presented with great flavor and with a sincerity that makes you immediately love the guy.   We rode the subway with them back to their hotel and they had nothing but great things to say about Tony.  As my brother kept saying, "this is magical; did you set this all up?".  I would like to take the credit; but it is Tony that deserves the kudos.


We have found a gem with Tony.


Caron C.

Atlanta, Georgia

My husband and I, along with another couple, visited New York last month. Tony was our tour guide and he was absolutely AMAZING!!! We covered so much ground and the things he was able to point out made the experience so enjoyable. Most of them were things we would have passed by without a thought had he not be there to share so much information. When we reached our destination, we were all sad to see the tour end. The next time I plan to visit New York, I will reserve the air travel and then immediately book a tour with Tony! You should do the same!


John T.

Dallas, Texas

My wife and I recently traveled to NYC for a week to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We had never before been to NYC and so wanted a way to get the lay of the land early on to hopefully help make traveling through the city easier throughout the week.

We booked a private tour through Tony and were completely satisfied with our experience. Tony was our tour guide and he got us acquainted with the subway system and gave us an excellent tour of the lower half of the island.

It was time and money very well spent, and something we would recommend to others.


Cleo C.


We booked a private all day tour with Tony. I was a little daunted by the cost but it turned out to be good value for money. Tony picked us up at our hotel and we walked, caught a bus and travelled by underground all over the city. Tony was was entertaining , friendly and informative. He knew loads about New York’s history and about how the city features so much in the Media, so if you love TV and film you would particularly enjoy his tour. Showing my daughter the Friends fountain and apartment block made her day. We also enjoyed seeing lots on Fifth Avenue, part of Central Park, Greenwich Village and the commercial areas around Battery Park. Lunch in a deli with lots of people-watching was good too. Tony stayed an extra hour with us to make sure we didn’t miss anything and he left us as we boarded the Statten Island ferry. I can’t believe we did so much in one day. Great experience if you want to see a lot in one day - highly recommended.


Marco I.

Innsbruck, Austria

Perfect for first time in NYC with little time to spend!  I’ve been to NYC with my fiancé in September while doing a two weeks trip through the states. As we had only 48 hours in the city I decided for this tour - certainly not the cheapest option - but it was very well worth the money. Our guide - Tony Lorenzo - took a lot of time to show us around the prime spots and he gave us a lot of insights which you can only get from a real resident in the city! Best of the tour was certainly the great personal touch when Tony told about his life and jobs in the city. At the end of the tour he even invited us over to a glass of wine to his place and had to free tickets for a boat tour to the Statue of Liberty! Where else do you get that???


Patricia N.

Laguna Niguel, California

We had such a great time on our tour on Saturday February 12. It made our NYC trip complete in a way we never thought possible. It was just fabulous . We never would have had such a rich experience and understanding of your great city without your expertise and knowledge. Our guide Tony Lorenzo was awesome, not only informative, enthusiastic but his love of New York is contagious. We are so grateful to your company and to Tony.


Alex B.

Springfield, Missouri

“Above and beyond our expectations!”

Very interesting, informative walk throughout downtown Manhattan. Tony was a wonderful host and guide. My children enjoyed the tour and after several hours of walking were still interested in what Tony had to say about the NYC sights.


Karen G.

Nashville, Tennessee

“Tony, Tony, Tony!”

A wonderful day, this tour was an amazing and unexpected treat, and we owe it all to Tony. In NYC for a much-pined-for girlfriend trip to the Big Apple, we we arrived late...and it was then that I knew that Tony was the *perfect* guide for us. He made everything okay, set us up for a much needed great cup of coffee and then proceeded in serving us for the entire day as the most perfect gentleman guide.


He was not only knowledgeable about the history, neighborhoods and subtle aspects of Manhattan and beyond, he instinctively knew exactly what we needed and wanted at each turn along the way, as if he wanted nothing more than to make sure we had the best day we could. We explored NYC from one end to the other and had a blast along the way.


Tony is the best!


Gary S.

Blackpool, United Kingdom

Just arrived back from holiday, We did 3 days in New York then on to Orlando, Florida for 10 days. We’ve done Florida loads of times but New York was a first.

After only recently discovering Tripadvisor I spent a lot of time reading various reviews regarding New York. I must of read over 100 different reviews recommending different tours, by bus, by taxi etc etc etc. The idea of the walking tour sounded great, so we decided to go with that.


In our party was my wife and I, our 20 year old son and our 13 year old daughter. Everything was arranged by email. Our guide Tony met us at our Hotel, The Waldorf, at 10:00 as arranged. We chatted for 5 minutes about what we wanted to look at then off we went. We had Tony booked for 6 hours but he actually stayed with us for over 8 at no extra cost. There was a lot of walking but we stopped for lunch and took subway rides etc so to be honest the walking wasn’t too bad, tired by the end obviously.

We got to see everything we wanted and SO much more. Tony had great knowledge and was extremely passionate about New York. I honestly don’t think we would of ever been able to see even half the things we saw if it wasn’t for Tony. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!


Brenda & Natasha

Calgary, Canada

“It was the trip of a lifetime!”

My daughter arranged to take me to New York City - a place I’d only dreamt about - for my birthday. Tony Lorenzo - a great italian name - met up with us at our hotel. He was full of energy, excitement and knowledge that enriched our tour, even adding personal stories to our adventure. We covered so much territory and information that I am sure it will take time to tell everyone about it. It was an absolutely fantastic day providing us with so much more than we would have had if on our own. Thank you so much Tony for sharing! We’ll see you next time!




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