How to Plan a Trip to New York City


New York City can be an overwhelming place to visit for the first time. The best way to plan your trip so you make the most of your time is to have a budget and prioritize the places that you want to visit.


1. List places you want to see or visit. Before you depart, take some time and research specific places, landmarks, museums, or even Broadway shows that interest you in case you need advance purchasing.


2. Plan to travel during the week. Allow at least two travel days.


3. Be organized! If you are unorganized, you will rush and get frazzled very easily in the city. It is best to take your time so you can enjoy the beautiful city.


4. Pick up maps of the city when you arrive at your hotel and ask for suggestions. Tell them you have never been to the city before and they will point you in the right direction. If your hotel is no help, there are very nice people out front of the nicer hotels that are willing to assist you.


5. Travel lightly. Do not walk around with a huge bag full of unnecessary items. All you need is a small wallet, your cell phone, a map, and a camera.


6. Pick up small snacks to keep in your pocket. Chances are you will be trying to see as many places as possible and will get hungry from all of the walking. It is also important to stay hydrated, so bring some drinks.


7. Wear comfortable shoes during the day. You will be walking a lot!


8. Grab more than one map of the subway line. NYC has a very confusing metro system. Do not be shy asking someone for assistance.


9. Make sure you have cash on you at all times. Your main source of travel will be by cab unless you buy a subway card or walk. Also, vendors across the city have drinks and great snacks available all day for cash purchase.


10. Do not be overwhelmed by all the sites on your first day. Allow sufficient travel time to get to your site of choice and then a few hours to take your time and enjoy the specific area.


11. Split your day if there are specific areas you want to visit. For example, if you want to shop 5th Avenue, plan to eat some place on the Upper East Side as well as finding other places around there you want to go to.


12. Always know your hotel address.



...And the most important step of all - give me a call at (929) 595-5043 or email me, and let me help you plan a trip to New York City that you will remember for a lifetime!

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