Meet your guide



My name is Tony Lorenzo, and I love New York!


I've lived and worked in New York all my life. I've been lucky enough to have worked as an actor in hundreds of movies and TV productions shot right here over the years…because New York is the greatest backlot in the world!


In addition to my film work, I have conducted hundreds of tours of New York City, sharing my film experiences and showing my guests as much of this fabled city as possible. I've worked as an Ambassador at Rockefeller Center and have a vast knowledge of that magnificent area, and all the exciting points of interest around it!


There are many tours offered here in the city. Some are very good...some others, not so much! I want to give you the very best New York City!  As your tour guide, I work hard to make sure your tour of New York City with me will be an enlightening and memorable experience!



Let me share with you a little more about myself…


My ongoing love affair with the city began as a young boy listening to my grandparents' experiences immigrating here over 100 years ago for a better life for their families. One grandfather worked as a plasterer on both the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. My other grandfather was a professional musician who played at all the various social events in Little Italy. As I explore these neighborhoods, my mind fills with their heartfelt stories and how their lives helped mold this great melting pot called New York. I never tire of the city - I am always fascinated, always learning, and always proud to be a New Yorker.


Let's share my love for this city while I show you New York from my unique perspective! On our tour, we will spend about 4 hours exploring, learning and laughing through any area you have interest in seeing. And if you're not sure where to start…leave it to me, let me show you why I love New York!


My Film Career…


During my acting career, I have been fortunate enough

to work with some of the best directors and talented actors

in the business. Here are just a few pictures from some of the

productions I have been involved in.


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